Wednesday 25.11. / 18:15 / Pori Art Museum

Short film series. Free entry.


Together with Pori art museum, Pori film festival will organize a special screening, where Jukka-Pekka Laakso – the director of Tampere film festival and a long-time prominent figure in film industry – has chosen six films to his liking. At the event, Laakso will introduce the films and discuss the connections between film and visual arts, as well as the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Showing short films in an art museum is an excellent thing. Cinema is a part of visual arts, and films deserve the stature brought by a museum. The new techniques of creating and showing cinema have brought new possibilities. To exaggerate a little, anyone can create interesting cinema. The examples of how seemingly easy it is to make interesting films are refreshing and encouraging. This collection of films about to be shown, strictly based on my personal preferences, is an overview of the kind of films that I would like to see more myself, in museums, in movie theatres, anywhere. A film to my liking is technically simple, conceptually multilayered and understanding the tradition of cinema.



Abstract / Alexei Dimitriev / 2009 / Russia / 5:00

Les Barbares / Jean-Gabriel Periot / 2010 / France / 6:00

OM / John Smith / 1986 / United Kingdom / 5:00

Two islands / Jan Ijäs / 2013 / Finland / 6:00

Ghosts / Jan Ijäs / 2009 / Finland / 16:00

Museum piece / John Smith / 2004 / United Kingdom / 12:00